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Expert in the field of training and security advice, AEGIS CIVIS offers adapted customized solutions to totally respond to your needs. Our consultants form an alliance of experts stemmed from fields and Grandes Écoles. Their only and unique aim: the result.


Rogatien GUIHARD

    •  23 years invested in French paratroops and French special services (DGSE), former shooting instructor in the French police, the French military troops, and the French services for protection of very important personalities – Service de Protection des Hautes Personnalités (SPHP) -, honored by a great number of the French military most prestigious distinctions and medals earned in operations;
    • manager of a private security firm in the Paris area from 2012 to 2014;
    • expert in national and international security, qualified and efficient expert in shooting instruction and in staff management, has been running for several years a great number of courses focused on prevention of extreme attack threats, shooting, and police protection, worldwide;
    • has developed a strong network in private security, police, and military circles, that allows him to mobilize resources of a great number of very efficient experts, instructors, and operational officers experienced in police protection and prevention of attack threats, worldwide.
    • Expert opinion and practical suggestions of preventive behavioural anticipation of  risks, of efficient behaviour in attack context, of buildings and sites vulnerability and protection.
    • Experience in public speaking and confirmed expertise in courses and conference animation. 
    • Expertise in organisation and guiding of trainings in the field of security, in creation, training, coordination and operational management of the trainer’s team and security agents.

AEGIS CIVIS is the synergy of sophisticated complementary expertise acquired by its two principal shareholders rich in origins and professional backgrounds which differ a lot.  This diverse expertise is united in our society serving our customers and citizens.

AEGIS CIVIS firmly joins the entrepreneurial and citizen process

  • Simultaneously, 18 years of liberal training activity, audit and company support in industry and services,
  • expert certification “C-Management” certified by Mercedes Global Training.
  • Expertise in programme engineering and teaching supports, in organisation and guiding training programmes, in creation, training and management of trainers’ teams.
  • Expertise in elaboration of competence framework, assessment and validating of knowledge, certification of training.
  • Expertise in public speaking and confirmed expertise in courses and conference animation.
  • Expertise in developing the process and audit framework, in mission conduct and audit maintenance and memoir writing, oral restitution of conclusions and formulation of recommendations.
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